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Acorelle Products

About Acorelle

Acorelle was formed in 2006 and supplies organic cosmetic products like natural deodrant and hair growth products. The company has received incredible reviews over the past decade and continues to innovate with organic, cruelty free cosmetic products.

Here’s how the founder describes the company: 

Acorelle is a young brand that celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. The somewhat idealistic ambition that carried us yesterday has become a reality. We know how to make organic cosmetic products that protect our health and preserve our environment. They are often less spectacular in their promises and their immediate effects but are always respectful of you, our customers who trust us. Sincere, applied but also creative and generous we will continue to progress to make Acorelle and its partners in the organic sector grow, sustainably; i commit to it.” Regis Lelong 


Acorelle’s most popular products:

Accorelle are best known for the following natural products:

  • hair removal cream
  • sugar wax
  • deodorant
  • wax strips
  • tinted sunscreen

Is Acorelle cruelty free?

Yes! Acorelle products are not tested on animals at all and they are certified by a number of organisations that verify their ethical background:

Acorelle Cruelty Free

Acorelle Cruelty Free


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