5 ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that according to the EPA “air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities”. The health effects or poor indoor quality range from mild irritation such as headaches, sneezing and congestion, to more severe like heart disease and cancer. A while back I researched igredients to avoid in personal care products (read it here) but I was not surprised to find out that many of these highly toxic chemicals found in soaps or makeup make their way to household air cleaners or air …Read More

Raw Energy Balls Recipe

Raw Energy Balls: (4 in 1 recipe)

Equal part raw nuts/seeds and dried fruit. I typically use 1-2 cup nuts/seeds and 1-2 cup dried fruit which makes about 8-12 raw energy balls.
Honey is optional. I use about 1 tbsp per batch. However, you can use more or less depending on your preference. I find that the honey makes it easier to form the raw energy balls and helps them stick together better.
Place nuts/seeds, dried fruit and honey in a food processor and process until all ingredients are chopped and combined well. Scoop out about 1-2 tbsp of the mixture into your hands and …Read More

Nutrient-Dense Mac & Cheese Recipe

What is more comforting than bowl of mac & cheese?

When cooked properly mac & cheese can be an nutrient dense dish, fit for kids and adults, too. So naturally I set out to find a from-scratch recipe that would provide him with the most nutrients possible.

Before you start telling me how mac & cheese can’t possibly be healthy, think again. Fats are an essential macro-nutrient fr the body but particularly for a developing brain, and your child’s brain could be lacking this important nutrient.

Fats are the precursor to hormones and are good for heart health. So it is important to source good …Read More

Natural Fruit and Veggie Wash (3 Recipes!)

For one, if you are not buying organic produce it means that delicious looking apple is tainted with pesticides or herbicides, or both. Even if you buy organic produce, think about all the possible hands it may have come in contact with, from the moment it was harvested to the moment it got to your hands (and even then, who knows where your hands have been!).

Another reason is the wax coating that is in most fruits. There is conflicting information whether or not the wax is safe for consumption, according to the FDA it is; then again the FDA says …Read More

What is Real Food?

Real Food.

The term is everywhere now. But, what exactly is Real Food?

As you can see from the descriptions and chart below, Real Food simply means foods and ingredients as nature intended without processed and artificial additives.

I knew I had to write this post after two conversations I had with someone. The first one was at a restaurant. I had ordered crème brûlée (one of my all time faves) and I turn to my husband and I said “I bet I came make this with real food”. Another person at our table, who shall remain anonymous, heard me and said “only …Read More

How to Reduce Food Waste

You may not think of it, but food waste has a big impact on the environment. Sure, for the most part, food waste can be composted or it eventually decomposes in the landfill, but the EPA reports that the US produces 34 billion tons of perishable food waste each year. When you think about the carbon footprint each food product has; the resources, energy, and materials, used from production to distribution to your table, the picture seems bigger than just some foods craps going in your trash.
How can you reduce the impact your kitchen has on the environment?

1. Shop for …Read More

Sweet Orange Coffee Body Scrub Recipe

What’s not to enjoy about body scrubs? The feeling of pampering one’s skin is utterly relaxing. Even better when the ingredients are nothing but nurturing and nourishing to the skin, instead of sketchy, potentially toxic chemicals. Commercially available scrubs are full of ingredients that have been linked anywhere from skin irritants to carcinogens (read more about the dangers of these ingredients here).

I love making my own body scrubs because I know I am only using clean ingredients, and in the case of this coffee scrub, the frugality of reusing coffee grounds. Of course, you can use coffee grounds that haven’t …Read More

Top Chemicals to Avoid in Beauty Products

Top 10 Chemicals to Avoid in Beauty Products

On my last post I told you about the hidden dangers of beauty products. Unfortunately, the industry is poorly regulated. Allowing just about any ingredient to be used in personal and beauty products, claims of products benefits to be misleading as well as the lack of testing for the safety of products and ingredients.
There are many ingredients that aren’t safe, but I have compiled a top ten to avoid. Based on toxicity and for being found in the majority of products.

Top 10 Chemicals to avoid in Beauty
1. Phthalates
Group of chemicals called “plasticisers”. Preservatives and binders. Used as a fragrance …Read More

Simple Steps to a Safe and Eco-Friendly Pregnancy

I love being pregnant, I truly feel like a blossoming flower, I love my bump, and I love the marvellous work my body is doing, and I love striving to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

With a baby on the way, your attention has probably turned to how to have a safer and greener pregnancy. You are concerned about doing what’s best for baby, for you, and for the environment. During pregnancy, our mama bear instinct kicks in and we are suddenly aware of the dangers of toxins around us; in our beauty products, cleaning chemicals, our food, etc.

That’s what happened …Read More

Homemade Apple Pomegranate Soda Recipe

This is what soda is supposed to be like; fizzy, sweet, refreshing, nourishing, and all naturally.
On my last post I told you about the wonders or water kefir, and now you know this fermented drink is a good ally for our gut health. You can see the quick tutorial on how to brew it at home here.

This is what happens after the first fermentation is done and you leave it fermenting a second time.
Homemade Apple-Pomegranate Soda

The second fermentation is what allows this drink to become fizzy like a soda. This is a natural carbonation process as opposed to an artificial one like in …Read More