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I love being pregnant, I truly feel like a blossoming flower, I love my bump, and I love the marvellous work my body is doing, and I love striving to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. With a baby on the way, your attention has probably turned to how to have a safer and greener pregnancy. You are concerned about doing what’s best for baby, for you, and for the environment. During pregnancy, our mama bear instinct kicks in and we are suddenly aware of the dangers of toxins around us; in our beauty products, cleaning chemicals, our food, etc.

That’s what happened to me. I used to live in this blissful bubble of ignorance about all the potential harm to me, but most importantly to my unborn baby, so I decided to clean and green up my act.

While we can’t control everything around us, there are some things that we can. How can you have a safer and Eco-friendly pregnancy?

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5 Simple Steps to a Safe and Eco-Friendly Pregnancy


I remember cleaning my bathroom one day while pregnant with my first, and suddenly I stopped to look at the label carefully and I wondered, what’s in this, really?

Commercial cleaning products are responsible for a host of issues ranging from mild to severe; from allergic reactions to asthma and even cancer.

Switch to green cleaners and you eliminate the toxins that can harm you and baby but also harm the environment. While there are many recipes for DIY green cleaners, these days I find myself choosing convenience. My favourite green cleaner right now is this herbal mint all-purpose cleaner by Eco Me, it truly works on anything. You can find lots of safe and eco-friendly cleaners at MightyNest, my favorite online eco-store.

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Ditch the plastic in the kitchen when storing food. There are many concerns about the toxins in plastics (I’m sure this is not a new concept to you) but the one you need to be very aware of is the harm BPA poses. When a pregnant mama is exposed to BPA it may increase the risk of miscarriage, still birth, and premature birth

Carrying snacks with us is always a good idea to avoid the sugar high and lows. Luckily there are Eco-friendly, and super chic, ways to store, and carry food. This trio of stainless steel containers by U-Konserve are perfect for carrying a snack on the go. If you are a working mama, pack your sandwich in this adorable reusable bag, or pack your main dish in these glass containers.

Ditch that plastic water bottle as well. Even though it says “BPA free” it may not be safe after all; bisphenol-S is being using in its place yet the word is still out on how safe it really is. This is the glass bottle I carry everywhere.

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Did you know that according to the Environmental Working Group the average woman uses 12 products and is exposed to 126 different chemicals; 1 in 5 products contain cancer-causing chemicals. No bueno!

After I made the switch to natural beauty products I was pleasantly surprised to find myself on the “less is more” camp. My beauty routine is very simple now and contains only a handful of products. One of my favourite brands and in particular product is Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Earth Mama Body Butter.  I Personally prefer the lotion texture, my body absorbs it better I guess and this one leaves my skin feeling supple, soft, and I am in love with the soft smell.

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This is actually how my journey into a safe and Eco-friendly lifestyle began–I started questioning what was in my food. Make the switch to organic foods whenever possible. Conventional produce is doused in poisonous pesticides and herbicides. A study done in children in Seattle found pesticides in their urine! If budget is an issue, let the “dirty dozen and clean 15” by the EWG be a guide to prioritize what to buy organic.

Say good buy to processed foods as well. They contain unnecessary chemicals such as preservatives, stabilizers, artificial colours and flavours. Instead, choose whole foods and cook from scratch; one good tip to keep in mind when grocery shopping is to only buy from the periphery of the store.

Remember how I mentioned previously about the dangers of plastics and BPA, one thing to keep in mind is BPA can be found in the lining of cans too.

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Unfortunately, pregnancy is a time where we are attacked by different ailments, nausea, allergies, insomnia, headaches, you name it! Don’t reach for that bottle of Tylenol–many of this complaints can be alleviated with natural remedies. Essential oils can be heaven sent for headaches, a herbal tea can soothe that heartburn and nausea, and this sleep balm by Badger can help you sleep better.

I have been using it almost every night now because the bigger I get the harder it is to find a comfortable position and that is not a good formula for sleep. I rub a little on my temples and neck and put a little under my nose and the combination of essential oils helps me sleep better.


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