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A few weeks ago I turned to an elimination diet–eliminating grains–for my son’s diet. In order to go grain-free, I started to look into alternatives to our favourite staples and that includes my son’s favourite breakfast meal, pancakes. If you Google “no grains pancakes”, “Paleo pancakes”, or “gluten-free pancakes”, you will find thousands of recipes; yup, thousands. I tried about half of those. Either the consistency was off, they had no flavour, or they were a gooey mess and would fall apart and flipping them was nearly impossible.

After many attempts, tweaking this here and that there, and LOTS of wasted food, I finally found the perfect grain-free pancakes. They are yummy, they fluff up and flipping them is not a problem at all. In all honesty, these taste even better than regular pancakes and I don’t think we will go back to grain pancakes.

The Perfect Grain-Free Pancakes

Grain-Free Pancakes Instructions

  1. In a large bowl combine all ingredients (except the coconut oil) and with a handheld mixer (a food processor of stand mixer will work, too) and combined until smooth. The consistency is thicker than typical pancake batter.
  2. On a large skillet or griddle heat coconut oil over low-medium heat. You only need enough to cover bottom of skillet.
  3. Pour batter onto skillet to form pancakes about 4 inches in diameter, they expand and fluff up during cooking.
  4. Cook until golden brown, about 3-5 minutes then flip to other side until an even color is reached.
  5. Enjoy!
  6. They take longer than regular pancakes to cook so be patient. Serves about 6 (2 per person). Keep the heat at low-medium, this is important! Or you will end up with a overcooked bottom and undercook top and it will fall apart when flipped.
  7. Add pure maple syrup and maybe fresh berries and enjoy!

Grain free pancakes recipe

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