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These little cubes are dissolved in hot water to form a baby wipe solution. Once the solution is made, you can put it in a spray bottle to keep on baby’s changing table, or you can use it to pre-soak cloth wipes (or paper towels if you need disposable wipes). Whether you already use and love wipe bits or you’re just hearing about them for the first time, I have good news for you. They’re easy and inexpensive to make, and if you make just one batch of them when you’re pregnant, I guarantee you’ll still have some left over after that baby of yours is potty trained.

Four little words: MELT AND POUR SOAP.

Wipe bits ingredients

  1. Get 12 oz. melt and pour soap (I prefer goat’s milk, but you can find other gentle varieties such as aloe vera, shea, or olive oil)
  2. Essential oils (optional for fragrance)
  3. Candy mold
  4. Cut melt and pour soap base into cubes. Measure approximately 12 ounces using a kitchen scale.
  5. Heat soap in microwave using 50% power and stirring every 30-45 seconds until fully melted.
  6. Stir in essential oils – generally only a few drops are needed!
  7. Pour into molds.
  8. Refrigerate about 30 minutes.
  9. Remove from mold; store in an airtight tin or bag.

Wipe bits Usage

  • Pour 1-2 cups boiling water over one cube.
  • Store solution in a spray bottle, or pour over wipes in plastic container.

Guide to wipe bits with cloth diapers


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