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Let me tell you a quick story about a girl who liked convenience in the kitchen. She had plastic everywhere. She stored all her food in plastic, heated the food in those containers, took lunch to work in those containers. Plastic is everywhere and so she never gave it a thought. Why would you want to ditch the plastic, anyway? Plastic is convenient; it’s not heavy, it’s cheap, and it can be thrown away.

My kitchen used to be all plastic containers. Until I started reading more and more about the dangers of plastic, and how inconvenient to our planet plastic really is.

switch from plastic to glass

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Let’s compare plastic and glass

Plastic Intro

At exception of a small part of the plastic that gets incinerated (releasing toxic fumes into the air), every plastic ever created is still out there.

Experts don’t even know how many hundreds of years it would take to decompose. Most of the plastics don’t get recycled because one of their convenience selling point is that they travel well and can be thrown away. This means they travel outside of one’s home never making it back to the recycling bin.

Plastic is made from petroleum, and petroleum derivatives; every time plastic gets manufactured new resources are used, and as a byproduct toxic waste is released, polluting the air and waterways. Sure, plastic can be recycled, but each time plastic is “downcycled”; plastic loses it’s integrity and quality, becoming something else that eventually won’t be able to be recycled or reused.

Also, and most concerning to me, plastic contains toxic chemicals, like BPA among others, that can leach into your food.

Glass Intro

Glass on the other hand will never lose its integrity, it can be recycled time after time and will always go back to being raw material to form new glass. Most glass out there is in fact at least 25% recycled glass, some as much as 100%. Glass is inert material, meaning it won’t react chemically with anything else. This is why glass is a good option when heating food, nothing will permeate or leach, as opposed to plastic which does both each time we heat something in plastic.

No brainer, right?

10 reasons to switch from plastic to glass

  1. Glass is free of toxic chemicals and won’t leach into your food
  2. Glass is dishwasher safe; plastic on the other hand degrades each time it’s washed and heated
  3. Glass preserves the quality and flavor of the food
  4. Glass won’t absorb smells or stains like plastic does
  5. Glass is actually a lot more economical, even if plastic is cheap, plastic will eventually break down but plastic can last a life time
  6. Glass is multipurpose; besides storing food, glass can be used to cook, bake, heat, and freeze foods safely
  7. Glass is 100% recyclable, it will always be raw material for more glass
  8. Glass production is less taxing on the environment (less pollution, less use of natural resources)
  9. Glass is perfect for storing anything; from leftovers, to dry bulk items, to fermented drinks
  10. Glass is way better looking than plastic. Glass jars and containers are all the rage now, and with good reason!

Are you ready to make the switch!?


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