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For any people who suffer from sleep issues prefer natural sleep aids like herbal teas.  While there are not many scientific studies supporting the sleep inducing claims of herbal teas, many people report that drinking certain herbal teas about 1 hour before bedtime definitely provides the calming effect needed to sleep.

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Here are our 4 favourite teas to help you sleep:

1. Chamomile tea

This has always been a popular herbal sleep remedy because it tastes great and has virtually no side effects.  Chamomile is a mild relaxant that many uses to combat stress and anxiety.  Chamomile helps you sleep because it acts as a mild sedative and muscle relaxant.

2. Passion Flower Tea

A potent herbal remedy because it calms muscles and relieves stress.  The taste and smell are not nearly as pleasant as chamomile tea.  Passion Flower has been shown to be non-addictive, but not recommended if you are taking anti-depressant medications, pregnant, or breast-feeding.

3. Lime Blossom Tea

Used for centuries as a calming agent, Lime Blossom has a floral aroma and a refreshing, light taste.  Linden is considered safe for children.  Of course, you should check with your physician prior to giving it to your child.

4. Valerian Root Tea

One of the most common herbs used for insomnia, Valerian Root Tea is not known for a pleasant smell or taste.  Many people prefer to take a pill or capsule instead of this rather awful tasting tea.   Valerian root produces a mild tranquilizing effect, which can help you fall asleep fast.  As with all other herbal supplements, you should check with your physician before taking it.

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