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If you had told me two years ago that now I’d be making my own butter, I would’ve laughed at you. I make my own butter! This girl has come a long way from her I can’t believe it’s not Butter! days. It’s called “not butter” for a reason. It’s mostly artificial ingredients produced in a massive plant; full on trans-fats (the bad fats), preservatives, and well, just look for yourself below

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Why Homemade Butter?

Butter is good. Real butter is good.

That’s right I said health, although mainstream knowledge says if we eat butter we’ll die. I eat as much butter as I can. I put it in my coffee and in my tea, on sourdough bread, I fry eggs in butter…oh, the horror!

I decided to make my own butter one because I wanted to see if it would cheaper to make it myself, and two, making your own food is cool.

Differences Between Commercial Homemade Butter

How to make Butter Recipe?

  • Heavy or whipping cream (from grass-fed cows)
  • Use 3 cups of local grass-fed cream. 3 cups yields about 12 oz of butter.
  • Pour cream into a food processor, blender, or stand mixer (even a hand-held mixer will work)
  • Agitate past the point of whipped cream until the the solid butter begins to separate from the liquid (the buttermilk)
  • Strain the liquid (save it! See below)
  • The retained solid can be kneaded either by hand to release the remainder of the buttermilk or squeezed through a cheesecloth, a nut bag, or a butter muslin. I do it by hand.
  • Then add a bit of cold filtered water and continue kneading, discard water, and repeat process until the water runs as clear as possible.
  • Transfer to air tight container or wrapped in parchment paper.

Butter Notes

Save the fresh buttermilk for other uses in the kitchen, not to be confused with the commercially available cultured buttermilk. You can culture it at home using a culture starter or you can use it in place of water for any other recipe, it makes a great marinade for chicken!

Homemade butter can be kept in the fridge for a few weeks, if it last that long! And it can be frozen for up to 6 months.   Enjoy and make your grandma proud!


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